Glass Pool Fencing: Frameless or Semi-Framed – The Choice is yours

Let’s face it, if you’re going to have a pool at home, you simply must use glass for the fencing, as this versatile material ticks all the boxes from a homeowner’s perspective. Aside from allowing unrestricted vision into the pool, toughened safety glass is easy to keep clean, maintenance free and very durable, plus there are a number of ways to install glass pool fencing. The Frameless Look If you prefer a seamless length of glass, frameless is the perfect design, and the 12mm glass panels can either be channeled into the tiled floor or fitted to special spigots that are bolted to the floor. You should leave a 50mm gap at the bottom of the fence to allow water and debris to be easily cleaned away, and the technician would help you to select the best design. Sometimes the pool fencing in

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